Take The Kids On An Adventure At Smale Riverfront Park In Cincinnati

If you have kids and live in Cincinnati, or are visiting the city then a visit to Smale Riverfront Park is highly recommended. This kid centric park is full to the brim with activities that will keep the little ones entertained and their their brains stimulated.

The variety of activities at the park will allow parents and caregivers to find the perfect pastime for the little ones – and it becomes even easier if the sun is shining due to the number of water based activities that are found at the park.

The water play area is fun and educational at the same time. Here kids can explore how an Archimedes’ screw worms (one of the oldest ways of getting water from one elevation to another), tramp in channels full of fresh, clean water and simply enjoy themselves in safe environment.

For children of all ages the Fath Fountain is an absolute delight.Water jets shoot up from recessed nozzles flush to the ground into the air and everyone gets wet and has a fabulous time.

But there are also versions of classic playground equipment for the kids to enjoy themselves on and around. The ‘Great Adventure Playground’ has wealth of equipment that will keep young minds and bodies occupied for hours.

Here kids will find wooden structures to clamber on, rope bridges and a climbing wall, as well as nooks and crannies that are perfect for a game of hide and seek. There’s also ‘The Big Slide” which remains one of the favorites with kids of all ages. Even the tiniest bodies are protected from injury by the soft and absorbent ground protection which means Mom’s and Dad’s can rest assured that kids and can play safely and simply enjoy themselves in the company of other children.

The kids should also not miss the opportunity for a ride on Carol Ann’s Carousel. With a variety of animals (and even the odd ladybug) as their rides younger members of the family will be difficult to get off this whimsical salute to the carousels of old.

For the older, but still young at heart visitors there is also the opportunity to hire and bicycle or if your prefer our pedal power with four wheels those types vehicles are also available for a fun filled and relaxing meander along the Ohio River Trail.

Smale Riverfront Park is a delight for visitors of all ages – make sure you don’t miss it.